Technical Documentation

Having clear technical documentation for your products or software is absolutely invaluable. Straightforward and effective instructional documents are key in achieving customer satisfaction. Make it easier for your customer to achieve the intended result with your product, so that they may better appreciate your product.

DS Techwrite uses qualified tradespeople to write your technical documentation. We don’t put office-working writers into a factory and expect them to understand the operation. We send people who have worked and operated in the field. They know how things work, and most importantly, what can go wrong.  Although we use writers skilled in the particular trade, we don’t write using jargon that only technical people understand. We write at a grade 9 level. We articulate and simplify instructions, making them easier to understand and follow, which in turn makes it easier and less expensive to train your staff. After all, good technical documentation is less expensive and less frustrating than technical support calls.

Too often in the technical writing industry, companies will insist on owning your IP address so that they may repeatedly charge you for something you have already bought. DS Techwrite does not engage in this practice; any instructions we help you to create are always 100 per cent the property of your company. We will protect your IP, but we will not own it. If your team misplaces an instruction manual, just call us. We’ll send you another copy.

DS Techwrite knows that time is often of the essence. We take pride in delivering on time. If our team must work until 3am to meet your deadline, consider it done. You will never incur additional expenses or penalties due to time constraints.