Heavy machinery for mining

Custom Parts Manual Publication for Heavy Equipment Refurbishing Firms

Heavy equipment refurbishing means new part numbers, unique solutions to bring older models up-to-date and new modifications to add value to your clients. More often than not, the original OEM supplied your customer with LinkOne parts catalogues. Continue to provide your customer the industry standard in parts identification for your updated components, all in a single solution. With a LinkOne parts manual solution that incorporates both the existing and updated components of the rebuild, your customer will continue to enjoy a streamlined and accurate parts solution that reflects their as maintained equipment.

Retain clients and streamline maintenance on your reconditioned machines

DS TechWrite offers your company an opportunity to deliver the highest quality custom documentation to your clients. DS TechWrite’s LinkOne manuals don’t just improve the customer experience and help you to secure future work. Your LinkOne publication enables seamless aftermarket sales support and eliminates room for human error. Free up your engineers, parts interpreters and sales team to get back to work with greater efficiency.

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