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Sales Managers – Increase Aftermarket Parts Profitability with the Touch of a Button

Eliminate tedious spare parts identification and paperwork. Free your sales team up to land new clients and manage existing key clients. DST Parts Portal is a game changer in heavy equipment aftermarket parts sales and supply.
DS TechWrite’s internal team works closely with manufacturers and their aftermarket sales teams to deliver even greater precision in parts identification and supply. DST Parts Portal leverages your existing LinkOne solution to streamline not only parts identification but one click ordering. With DST Parts Portal, your customers can log in anywhere, identify and choose the parts they need, view their pricing and availability, and enjoy one click ordering.

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Proven to skyrocket aftermarket spare parts sales profitability

DST Parts Portal is tipped to be the next industry leader– bolt it on and watch as your wasted man hours and high staff costs disappear. It’s proven itself already. With stringent user testing in a REAL blue chip parts supply environment, it’s not only proven to be Tonka Tough, it increases the average sale per order in ready to action quotes.

Sales teams love it.

  • Easy quoting eliminates all the most tedious areas of their jobs
  • Gives them big insights into client needs, future purchasing plans and budget
  • Easy ordering brings sales to their inbox, without boots on the ground
  • Frees them up to pursue more sales, and arms them with big benefits to sell
  • Easily allows for different pricing tiers depending on the client

Parts Interpreters love it.

  • Streamlines their jobs and gives them a one-step process to help their customers
  • Automates ordering and inventory management, eliminating processing mistakes
  • Arms them with all the client information, including past purchases
  • Slashes admin time, freeing them up to offer more support to sales teams
  • Eliminates the frustration – making staff retention easier

Customers love it.

  • So simple to use that even “THOSE” customers can use it
  • Saves them time. In a few clicks, they’ve chosen the part, delivery options and raised their P.O.
  • Simple enough that any member of their team can take over purchasing
  • DST Parts Portal can be fully customised to your customer needs. So it’s always simple for them.
  • View pricing and availability for their next order, right there

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Could an increase in efficiency supercharge your sales team?

After 25 years in heavy equipment parts identification, we understand your challenges. We’ve worked with many of Australia’s blue chip OEMs and seen first-hand where aftermarket parts sales and supply fall short. DST Parts Portal is ideally suited to any industry with maintainable complex equipment, including manufacturing, mining, agribusiness and construction, with all your industry-specific challenges accounted for. Sales, engineering, logistics – DST Parts Portal streamlines your business, so you can get on with your job – growth.

Learn how DST Parts Portal can be customised to your exact needs. Talk to one of our tech team now on 07 3881 3477 or request a call back.


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