DST Parts Portal – A Revolution in Heavy Equipment Spare Parts Sales

DST Parts Portal is a streamlined ordering and sales tool specifically for the Parts Industry. DST Parts Portal “bolts on” to transform your online LinkOne WebView solution into a sales generating machine. Only DST Parts Portal provides a single, intuitive platform for clients to identify the right part and generate a quote or order fully compliant to their pricing tier and specific delivery location. DST Parts Portal adds game-changing efficiency to heavy equipment spare parts supply.

Sales Managers: See how DST Parts Portal Powers Aftermarket Sales Profitability

Finally, a way to prevent your call centre spending wasted hours on parts identification and simple orders. Those hours eat up profits and can even mean small sales cost you more money than they make!

  • Accept and process any order, big or small, 24/7
  • Reduce traffic to your call centre and empower your parts identifiers to work more efficiently on the sales they should
  • Free up your rep’s time to chase big deals, not oil filters
  • Use the simple “Import Tool” to eliminate human error and wasted time spent re-entering parts from customer systems
  • Get orders straight to your rep’s inbox – increasing profitability and slashing the cost per sale
  • With the “Customer Quotes” functionality, you always know what your customers are planning – opening up new sales opportunities and budget targets for your team
  • Helps retain good staff in call centres and admin
  • Eliminates tedious, time wasting work for parts interpreters and sales reps

How to supercharge aftermarket parts sales

The Foundation of an Efficient Supply Chain Management System

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DST Parts Portal delights your customers too

From scheduled maintenance to urgent parts supply, your client’s operation and profitability is riding on efficient heavy machinery spare parts delivery. The wrong part, inventory shortages and supply chain issues aren’t just a nuisance, the cost can run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Machinery downtime costs don’t just impact client profitability, they impact your reputation. We’ve made it simple for your clients to identify the right part, generate an order and trigger a sale. From a solo farmer with a single excavator, to a maintenance engineer on a large-scale mining site, your customers all receive the same first-class service.

Got a question? Learn more here (link to FAQs) or call 07 3881 3477 to talk to our tech team.

  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • One click heavy machinery parts identification and ordering
  • Easy project pricing and budgeting functionality for future projects
  • Integrates with leading sales processing and spare parts inventory management software for one touch stock control and logistics management
  • Fully customised for pricing tiers, delivery locations and parts specifications

Designed specifically for agribusiness, manufacturing, mining and construction machinery spare parts supply. We understand your challenges – see how DST Parts Portal revolutionises heavy equipment parts supply now.

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