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LinkOne FAQs

Like LinkOne itself, DS TechWrite is about providing straight-up, accurate and easy to access information. As trusted experts in LinkOne management, based in Brisbane, we’re here to provide advice, in human terms. If you’re considering LinkOne as the parts manual solution, then pick our brains. We’re here to help.

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This is my first time publishing a spare parts manual – what do I need to know?

Accurate and fast parts identification is the foundation of any supply chain. The wrong part will cost your client and possibly, your job. If you’ve been assigned the task of generating the technical documentation on a project, your job is getting it right, down to the lowest level replaceable part. There are a few key “newbie mistakes” that have long-term, high-cost consequences. That’s why we work with project managers and engineering teams to produce accurate parts manuals, accessible to the right people. Don’t worry – we’ll guide you through it. We’ve been doing this for decades.

What is LinkOne?

LinkOne is the industry standard in technical document publishing. LinkOne allows your business to publish exploded views and bills of materials in an easy to navigate, drill down type selection, right down to your smallest replaceable component. Generally, OEMs are required to provide a parts manual as part of product delivery. As the industry standard, LinkOne is familiar to and trusted by your customers.

LinkOne incorporates three different software solutions. They are:

  1. LinkOne Publisher – for data capturing and publishing
  2. LinkOne WinView – for data viewing on local installations
  3. LinkOne WebView – for online catalogue viewing

The benefit of LinkOne Publisher is that no matter what format or application your current data is in, the LinkOne Publisher will incorporate your existing data and transform it into a complete book ready for your customer to view.

LinkOne viewing solutions come in two forms: either LinkOne WinView for locally installed Windows systems, or LinkOne WebView, which forms a perfect online catalogue viewing solution.

The single publishing solution with the added flexibility of viewing solutions makes LinkOne an ideal option for any organisation to publish, view and then deliver technical documentation for both internal and external users.

What is LinkOne WinView Open Viewer?

An Open Viewer licence for LinkOne WinView enables the user to view LinkOne parts books produced by any LinkOne Publishing System, and therefore permits the viewing of LinkOne books produced by any of their equipment suppliers or OEMs.

What is a LinkOne WinView Publisher-Linked Viewer?

A Publisher-Linked Viewer for LinkOne WinView enables the user to view LinkOne books produced by a nominated publisher, for example, all books from one equipment supplier. Ideal if you are only viewing your own books, or books from one equipment supplier.

Is LinkOne suited to my industry?

LinkOne is the industry standard for heavy equipment OEMs and equipment maintainers, however, it is a versatile and detail-driven solution suited to any industry needing easy and accurate parts identification. This could include electronics, cars, motorbikes, boats and any industry where aftermarket parts identification is key to an efficient supply chain. Exclusive to DS TechWrite is the DST Parts Portal, a simple “bolt on” service that allows for streamlined parts pricing and order generation. Take a look here.

Why is LinkOne the standard in electronic technical documentation?

Unlike other software solutions, LinkOne software was built, and continues to be enhanced, using real world customer and market requirements. This has enabled the developers to build a solution that not only meets, but exceeds its customers’ requirements and expectations, including those ones they didn’t know about yet. DS TechWrite has also “built on the LinkOne platform” to provide our clients with exclusive access to streamlined aftermarket parts ordering with the LinkOne based DST Parts Portal solution.

What role does DS TechWrite play in creating our LinkOne manual?

DS TechWrite provides four standards of service for OEMs. We’ve been working with your industry and with LinkOne for decades. Our Brisbane team can advise on the very best use of LinkOne for you – and your customers across Australia.

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I am contracted to provide LinkOne manuals as part of a project – what do I need to supply to DS TechWrite

The publishing suite caters to a large variety of data sources, and collates these into a single deliverable format. Examples of data that can be used are:

• Text files
• Databases
• JPG files
• AutoCad illustrations
• PDF files

When you are ready to get moving on your project, one of our expert team will discuss your requirements and help you to prepare your assets for publication.

When is the best time to engage DS TechWrite for my project?

The short answer – speak to us now, it will save you time, money and stress!

While the optimum time to talk with us about your project requirements is at the beginning, our team can assist you at any stage – even if you’ve left it until the last minute. We understand that publishing your parts manual often sits at the bottom of the ‘to-do list.’ Talking to us early on saves you time and money – and it means we can work with you to ensure we meet your deliverable deadlines. We can work with your design and engineering team to create your data in the best format from the beginning– to avoid costly re-creation on already tight schedules at the end.

Who owns copyright to our written materials?

This is an important issue in the Australian LinkOne community. We DO NOT take ownership of your IP. DS TechWrite will NOT claim ownership of your written materials, all copyright belongs to our clients.

How long does it take to complete my project and how much will it cost?

Every publishing job is different. The amount of time required depends on the volume and complexity of your equipment and your lowest level of orderable parts. The availability of source data, product changes and review times all impact the delivery date. When you talk to our team, we will help determine the fastest and most efficient way to deliver your spare parts solution.

My industry is new to LinkOne – will that impact DS TechWrite’s capabilities?

No. Our team are leaders in LinkOne publishing services. After decades of working across multiple industries with LinkOne spare parts publisher solutions, we “speak the language” of any industry.

• Fully qualified, industry leading team of technical document producers
• Decades of experience identifying key requirements and procuring the right information from the right team members
• Understand the “customer’s questions.” Your team is too close to the project to understand the potential “silly questions” that may arise from your spare parts publication. These details are what makes ALL the difference.

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