LinkOne for Operators

Would you like to reduce the time your employees spend searching for parts by up to 75%?

Would having all OEM information in one place make your maintenance efforts easier and more efficient?

Do you find that service bulletins don’t reach those who need them, or are difficult to store for reference? What if they could all be in one place and a mouse click away?

If you answered ‘Yes‘ to any of these questions, then call us today and ask about LinkOne.

Reducing maintenance costs and increasing equipment’s production time is a primary concern for any organisation.

LinkOne enables asset maintenance operators to:

  • Quickly find all parts and service information
  • Maintain a singular access point for all parts and maintenance documentation, including service bulletins
  • Reduce asset down-time by increasing maintenance team efficiency
  • Order accurately and reduce costs associated with excess stock or incorrect parts ordering

Our clients greatly benefit from their LinkOne solution, with up to 75% savings in the time spent by their maintenance staff searching for parts.  Our customers make receiving LinkOne data for their equipment purchases a mandatory requirement through their tendering process making LinkOne an industry standard.

Upon purchasing a LinkOne Software Solution from DS Techwrite, not only do you receive a fantastic innovative program, other services are available to ensure you receive a return on investment immediately. These benefits may include:

LinkOne Publishing Services – we can Publish all your documents easily for you

LinkOne Services – Install, Train, Create, Consultant… whatever you need we can deliver

Managed Services – Hosting, Backups, Audits – your information is always secured

LinkOne Support – Maintenance and Troubleshooting – we are here to help you

Why not contact us today for a demonstration of the many benefits you gain from working with DS Techwrite!